[ANSI-Smalltalk] Project application - feedback from INCITS

Bruce Badger bwbadger at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 12:45:58 GMT 2007

I have created a page on the project wiki for the project application:


Have a quick look at this before reading the following questions (put
by me) and answers (from INCITS) as the numbers mentioned in the QA
are the section numbers of the document.

Below are the responses to the questions I put to the contact at
INCITS.  My questions are prefixed by >s.  I will be having a
conference call with INCITS tomorrow, so if you want anything
clarifying the please post your question to the list.  (BTW, INCITS
requests the call because they want to make sure I understand some of
the points they made).

>1) When will we be able to let people know a definite cost and joining
>process for INCITS membership?

Once the project proposal (for the revision of INCITS 319) and the
establishment of the new committee have been approved then people can
start to apply for membership via the INCITS homepage.  The cost will be
$1200.00 for membership.

Please note it takes at least (4) voting members in order to have a

>2) Do the proposers of the project need to me INCITS members?

Initially, no.

>3) In the existing NCITS 319-1998 all terms are defined within the
>document.  Should we just say "none" in section 2.3 (and 2.4) of the

Project Type 2.1 - "R - This is project proposal is for a revision of a

For section "2.3 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms"

You can write the following:  "No new concepts or special terms are
anticipated to be required by this project."

For section "2.4 Expected Relationship with Approved Reference Models,
Frameworks, Architectures, etc."

You can write "None".

>4) Regarding 2.7, we are hoping to make this an on-going process with a
>new version of the standard being produced every 18 months to 2 years.
>Also, their will be on-going review of progress in the various
>Smalltalk discussion groups.  I guess, though, that "public review" is a
>more formal stage, so given the aim to have a first finished version out
>in 18 months how would you suggest we answer point 2.7?

April 2009

>5) For 2.8 would it be reasonable to point out that we intend the
>process to be on-going with deliveries (i.e. finished versions of the
>standard) every 18 months to 2 years?

For 2.8 - "There is now known limit to the useful life of this

>6) In addition to the other questions I have been asked about access to
>the text of the existing standard.  I have purchased a copy of ANSI
>NCITS 319-1998 which is in PDF format but that is a copyright document.
>Would the people working on the standard project have access to the text
>of the document?  If so, in what form and on what terms?

Only official voting members of the new committee would have access to
the published PDF file when developing the new standard.  Once we get to
this point, there is a specific copyright notice that should be sent out
when you distribute the standard to the members.

I might be able to provide you with a copy of the final source file, but
I need to check with our publishers to see if they still have a copy.

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