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Robert Collins robertc at squid-cache.org
Mon Jun 9 01:31:34 BST 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 09:39, Shawn Rogut wrote:

> SCO seems to have a formiddable case aginst Linux.  Ouch! 
> http://eet.com/sys/news/OEG20030606S0039

I'm not sure that 80 lines of code out of 1 Million is a formidable
case. Particularly with Novell in the background asserting that SCO
doesn't have the right to assault the reuse of the code - only the
contractual agreement with IBM.

Secondly, the Linux kernel has had this (copying) occur before - by Red
Hat IIRC, from BSD. Copyright lines where obliterated, and it got
news... once public it was immediately rectified.

IMO this is really a survival strategy from SCO, and one that IMO has
damaged them irreparably.
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