[openskills-dev] DevCon - SF

Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Mon Apr 26 03:17:31 BST 2004

Our illustrious Vice President, Barry Weinstein, will be hosting the Bay
Area DevCon meeting again this year.

The meeting will be at Barry's home on Saturday 1st May @ 13:00.  I
understand there will be a BBQ too!  Please send Barry an email to let
him know you will be coming along, and also so he can give you
directions. [Barry, could you post your preferred email address to the 
list? - thanks].

The DevCon meeting is a chance to get together with other OpenSkills
people and talk about the association.  The objective to to get a sense
of where people feel the association is, and where it should be going.

The meeting this year is focusing on the OpenSkills systems (e.g. the
effort tracking system and the Skills Base).  See the DevCon page on the
wiki for details:

As with any meeting of OpenSkills members it's a good idea to come along
with your OpenPGP key fingerprint and some photo ID so you can get your
key signed by other members.

See you there!

All the best,
Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills

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