[openskills-dev] xine problem with fedora

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Mon Dec 20 12:27:22 GMT 2004

Actually (appart from doing the stuff Bruce suggests) the quickest shortcut
could be in many times to google for the error message you got
(i.e. put the string "dxr3_scr: Failed to open control device
/dev/em8300-0 (No such file or
directory)" or parts of it in quotes and let google do the rest).

The great thing about open source stuff is that you can be pretty sure
someone else
have already encountered the same problem as you and got an answer for
it over the



On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 22:48:25 +1100, Bruce Badger
<bbadger.at.openskills.com at openskills.at.amos.mailshell.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 22:01, Jocelyn Habib wrote:
> > Bruce Badger wrote:
> > > Does /dev/em8300-0 exist?  If not, do you have the module loaded for the
> > > em8300 device?
> > no it does not exist
> Hmmm.  I'm not sure if you are saying the /dev/ file does not exist, or
> that the module does not exist, or both.
> But it seems like you need to load the right module for this em8300,
> whatever it is.  So, try some Googling looking for the module (driver)
> for your hardware.  Then once you have the module in the right place in
> /lib/modules, load it up with modprobe.  You should then see the device
> in /dev/
> Again, note this stuff is not really my bag & I am largely guessing.
> BTW, a good trick is to physically examine the device for clues (model
> numbers etc.) - this can help when searching Google for modules.
> All the best,
>         Bruce
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