[openskills-dev] Website re-design work HTML/CSS

Stuart Guthrie sfg at eurekait.com
Fri Oct 1 04:02:19 BST 2004

Hi there!

Sometimes it's great to be an OpenSkills member:

I've just had a call from a friend who wants me to do some work
re-designing a website. 

Since I'm more of a java jsp/struts/back-end database kind of person and
this job requires a more 'creative' html/css/javascript person, I
thought there might well be an OpenSkills member out there up for a $7K+

The client is in Castle Hill, the providing organisation ( a computer
networking type organisation) is in Seaforth. 

You will need to initially impress Tim Nelson then I guess the client
with your extensive portfolio of web site design work.

tc.nelson at optusnet.com.au is his email address. Again, his name is Tim
Nelson. His role is Sales Rep for the IT provider.

Feel free to email me if you wish but that's about all I can tell you
other than it sounds like a nice little earner.

BTW Skills base indicates /Skill/IT/Specification/Standard/W3C/(X)HTML,
Bruce Badger or Carsten Eckelmann have skills in this area.

Good luck

Stuart Guthrie
Eureka IT

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