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Taryn East openskills at taryneast.org
Fri Oct 8 06:03:50 BST 2004

* Bruce Badger <bbadger at openskills.com> spake thus:
> Many thanks again for your thought & comments.  Please forgive me for
> snipping out much of your discussion in my responses below.  If you
> think I missed something important, please just give me a kick.

not that I noticed :)
besides, i'm about to do the same with this one... 

> On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 10:22, Taryn East wrote:
> The wiki has 3 things that might help here:

hmmm, maybe it's just that the wikis that I'm used to all have their
indices in the nav-bar... as I said, it's probably just me ;)

> > Anyway, to the point - yes, that's a good start for the page. I'd
> > include some examples where possible, but again that may be just me. :)
> Good :-)  Feel free to tweak the page yourself if you see something that
> needs fixing - that's what wikis are all about.

okey dokey :)
If nothing else, I'll have a play with the "why be a member" page given
all the info you've shared with me...

> Yes, we should also record what happened.  We have a very diligent
> association secretary, and so we have an excellent record of the
> committee meetings.  But yes, we should do this for everything (want to
> volunteer to help with this? ;-))

perhaps... though I didn't go to devcon, so not sure how much help I
woud be ;)

> Well, some of these numbers are available through the minutes of the
> committee meetings.  Frankly, the numbers and growth rates are too small
> to make a big deal out of them.  That will change, but we have to get
> the MMS in place before we can seriously grow.


> Again, this is subjective.  A judgement call.  No right answer.  Sorry.

ah well, worth asking anyway :)


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