[openskills-dev] Why be a member?

Taryn East openskills at taryneast.org
Sat Oct 9 05:18:57 BST 2004

* Robert Collins <robertc at robertcollins.net> spake thus:
> On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 11:13 +1000, Bruce Badger wrote:
> > After a thrilling thread of discussion, Taryn has taken the time to
> > update (significantly - look at the page history) the "Why be a Member?"
> > page on the wiki:
> > 
> >   http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/Why+be+a+member%3F
> > 
> > I like it.  What do you think?
> I like it. Taryn: thank you very much for posting your dissatisfaction
> to the SLUG list!

<grin> I'll have to bitch'n'moan more often ;)

[who is planning on joining... but won't be ready to make up a key for
another week or so (I want a new key for my new computer - which isn't
internet-ready just yet)]

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