[openskills-dev] Voting @ the SGM - constitution wording

Roy Hunter royhunter1 at optusnet.com.au
Mon Oct 25 07:18:35 BST 2004

Fellow members,

I have been reviewing the Constition and found what I perceive to be 
problems in the wording:
- Typographic error in clause 4.3 where "wound up or dissolved" is shown 
as "would up or dissolved"
- 14.1 does not make sense to me - it appears that a member may only 
appeal in a general meeting within 7 days of a notice being served on 
the member.  To me this implies that a general meeting has to occur 
within 7 days of the receipt of the notice.  Unless general meetings are 
going to occur every 7 days (and I fervently hope that they are not), 
then this represents a problem to members who have been cited under 
clause 13.

Please review the clauses in section 4.3 and 14 and advise whether the 
section makes sense as is or needs rework.

Roy Hunter

Bruce Badger wrote:
> The upcoming SGM really is very important for OpenSkills > 
>  http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/SGM+1

> You can get the rules as a  PDF here:
>  http://openskills.com/charter/20030624/030630_Openskills_Rules.pdf
> Please feel free to post any comments, questions or concerns to this
> list.
> Many thanks,
> 	Bruce

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