[openskills-dev] Shell skills

openskillsdev at amos.mailshell.com openskillsdev at amos.mailshell.com
Sat Sep 11 09:03:29 BST 2004


I'd like to add a skill describing my experience with shell programming.

As you probably know, "shell programming", if defined in the driest way,
is just "Bourne Shell syntax". But one can't actually do much with it
unless he/she uses the entire array of tools like
test/grep/sed/awk/tail/head/cut/sort/uniq/ls/wc/tr/od etc (see "info
coreutils" on Debian for instance).

The Bourne Shell itself is a language, so this one is easy, but what
about the rest? Should they be separated in their own group or part of

I lean towards the "Shell programming means all the rest" option.



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