[openskills-dev] HR-XML engagement descriptions - formatting hell

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Sat Sep 11 17:04:31 BST 2004

For a couple of my jobs, the description is probably going to be too big to 
fit into a single paragraph due to needing an unusually large amount of 

My existing resume treats the field as a "spacing preserved" chunk of text, 
which I try to have treated as-is.  But I've noticed in working on the 
stylesheets that this isn't particularly friendly when it comes to the XSL:FO 
model of line breaking (one block per line,) as opposed to the XHTML model of 
line breaking (one <br/> element between each line.)

Because of this problem, I've been thinking of changing these sections 
somehow, perhaps cutting down the amount of the description... but I'm not so 
keen on that.

So what are other people generally doing when they write the details of their 
engagements into the web interface?  Reducing the amount of information, or 
entering multiple paragraphs, assuming formatting like mine?

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