[openskills-dev] Shell skills

openskills at amos.mailshell.com openskills at amos.mailshell.com
Sat Sep 11 21:11:07 BST 2004

Bruce Badger wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-09-11 at 18:03, openskillsdev at amos.mailshell.com wrote:
>>I'd like to add a skill describing my experience with shell programming.
> For the particular engagement you could say that you applied a number of
> distinct skills which combined describe what you did.
> So, for example, the engagement could have the skills:
> 	... Bourne Shell
> 	... Programmer
> And in the text of the engagement you could explain how you used those
> skills.  This way, the engagement blends the skills for the particular
> situation.
> It's not possible to have a skill for every combination of things,
> otherwise we'd end up with a very large number indeed - and probably
> only one or two members with each skill.
> Having overly specific skills makes it harder for searchers too, which
> is not a good thing.
>>test/grep/sed/awk/tail/head/cut/sort/uniq/ls/wc/tr/od etc (see "info
>>coreutils" on Debian for instance).
> Could we describe this set of tools, or should be describe each one? 

Well, I for one would put it all under one category of "Shell
Programming/Shell Scripting", I was just wondering if others felt


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