[openskills-dev] OpenSkills home page tweak

Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Sun Sep 19 03:23:33 BST 2004

It has been suggested that there should be an easy way to kick off a
SkillsBase search from the OpenSkills.com home page.

Here is a first cut at such a change.  It looks OK in gecko browsers
(e.g. Firefox & Mozilla), but still a but rough in IE.

Anyway, please give me your comments on:


I'll polish (or abandon) the change in the light of comments.

BTW, the production SkillsBase does not understand the search request,
so you just get an empty search result back.  The next SkillsBase
version will to the Right Thing.

Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills

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