[openskills-dev] New SkillsBase version soon - 1.119

Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Mon Sep 27 06:58:40 BST 2004

I will be releasing the new version of the SkillsBase system in the next
few days.

This upgrade involves a schema migration (the structure of some of the
objects have changed), so we will have out first outage of the
SkillsBase since it went live at the AGM.  The outage should be of the
order of 10 minutes (and more like 1 minute).

The most significant change at this release is that skills will only be
editable by members for 14 days after they are created.  After 14 days
they become "stable".  The system administrator can edit stable skills,
and make them non-stable again if necessary.

The up-shot of this change is that the Skills Tree as a whole will start
to become more stable, where as now (at least in theory) a member could
rename the Administrator skill Fruit-Picker and move it under
soft-skills - not that anyone would do such a thing!

Anyway, here are the changes:

What's new
      * Skills now become stable after two weeks. Once stable, skills
        can only be edited by the system administrator. 
      * Skills may now be revoked. If a skill is a duplicate or
        inappropriate for some other reason the system administrator can
        revoke it. 
      * Revoked skills do no appear on publicly visible pages. 
      * Revoked skills are only shown on member pages is there they are
        referenced by one or more engagements. If there are any revoked
        skills shown, they are highlighted. 
      * Members may remove references to revoked skills, but my not
        create new references to revoked skills. 
      * The search result screen highlights the selected skills among
        the skills of each member. This makes it easier to pick out the
        skills if selected members have many skills. 
      * The search result screen and the member summary screen now
        contain a copyright notice. 
      * The CSS has been tweaked to allow the keyboard page up/down to
        work again. 
      * The admin system (not visible to the public or members) has been
        improved to allow stable skills to be edited, and to allow
        skills to be revoked and un-revoked. 
      * The method for generating HTML has been refactored somewhat. 
      * Bugs have been fixed in the HR-XML export, the compatibility
        layer and Swazoo.

Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills

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