[openskills-dev] What if one of my skills is changed?

Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Mon Sep 27 08:44:53 BST 2004

I've been asked if we have a method of informing members a skill has
been revoked other than highlighting on the screen?  i.e. If a member
does not check their page, how will they know that one of the skills
they selected has been revoked?

There is no automated mechanism at the moment.  I can envisage an email
based system where members are told if (stable?) skills they have
specified in their engagements have been changed (e.g. been revoked). 
But no such mechanism presently exists.

I do have a way of seeing what members have specified a skills via the
admin interface.  So, for now, I'll just have to take care when
modifying stable skills, and will have to announce to the list what
changes are being made, and directly notify members who are claiming
revoked skills.

Please feel free to send any comments on this or any subject directly to
the list.  Thanks.

All the best,
Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills

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