[openskills-dev] Business Cards

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Sep 30 02:55:30 BST 2004

Members may use the OpenSkills logo on their business cards if they

... but why would you? 

      * To show that you are part of a larger group if you work by
      * To indicate that your resume is available from the SkillsBase 

How to get your OpenSkills business cards
We have a number of business card designs that members can use for their
own business cards. You can take these designs along to your own

We have used WorldWide printing to produce cards so far, and you will be
able to order directly from them at some point. For now, the committee
organises a print-run for interested members from time to time (when
there are a reasonable number of orders placed). Post here if you would
like to know more.



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