[openskills-dev] Licensing your resume

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Tue Jun 7 01:41:56 BST 2005

Quoting lists at bespoke.homelinux.net:
>>  o Can your resume be modified?
> Obviously not.

As an example of this, I've had recruiters who wanted to remove some 
skills from
the list, as they wanted it to look like I'd focused more on the other ones.

Whereas this behaviour probably isn't strictly "fair" with respect to the job
hunting process, I don't think it constitutes a "bad" use of my resume by a
recruiter, and I definitely don't have any issues with recruiters modifying my
resume in this fashion.

But I guess for simplicity, you would just forbid it and ask that recruiters
contact the copyright owner in order to obtain permission to modify the 


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