[openskills-dev] DevCon 2005 - Starts Tomorrow

Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Sun Jun 19 03:16:53 BST 2005

First, let me assure you that there is a DevCon "thing" this year.  It's
a pin (badge) again, and it's a very nice one too!  If you come along to
any of the DevCon events listed here:


or at any informal meeting where we cover the DevCon agenda, you can
have a pin.  The list of events will grow as I travel and get things set
up.  If you live near one of the places I'll be visiting, let me know
and I'll try to meet up.

The closing event of the DevCon is the 2005 OpenSkills AGM.  So, if
you've not got your pin by then, come along to the AGM!

I hope to see you soon.

All the best,
Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills
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