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Stephan Vissers vissers_itm at yahoo.com.au
Mon Apr 3 04:58:18 BST 2006

Daniel Noll <daniel at noll.id.au> wrote:  Stephan Vissers wrote:
> Who can fix the problem on the following WIKI page with the link "FAQ"?
>     http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Index+-+Committee+and+Organisation
> I would like that this FAQ link will show all pages which contains the 
> text FAQ. Now we get the following page as a result, which is not 
> correct. Try it and you will see.??
>     http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/SEARCH#FAQ

Certainly that link would never perform a search.  "#" after a URL tells 
the web browser to seek to a location in the page, it doesn't even get 
sent to the web server.

You probably just want to link directly to the FAQ page though, right? 
  >> No
Or is there a particular reason you want it to go to a search?
>>Yes,   I don't want to go to that page only. I want in this case all pages  with the text  FAQ listed in a search result page. If you should have the ability to  do this then it is very easy to maintain and flexibel. Now you have to  type in the search field FAQ to get what I want. I am not only  interested in doing this for FAQ but for other search strings as well.  If it takes to much coding I don't want it but if someone have a smart  idea let us know!!! < Stephan>

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