[openskills-dev] Screen Cast Mk1

Mihaly mihaly_k at yahoo.com.au
Tue Apr 25 19:02:58 BST 2006

Bruce Badger wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 15:33 +1000, Bruce Badger wrote:
>> Anyway, the first prototype of the first screen cast is available for
>> viewing and comment.  I've made it available in MP4 and WMV formats
>> here:
>> 	http://www.openskills.org/casts/
> So, has anyone managed to download and view the screen-cast?  Any
> comments?
> e.g. is this looking like a useful thing to do or a waste of time
> gimmick?
> Thanks,
> 	Bruce

 Unfortunately I have an annoying problem that whenever I try to run
something that requires sound, my machine just crashes.So far haven't
been able to resolve this, so no joy in terms of multimedia at least on
this machine. But I believe a thing called "annodex" would be suitable
for this sort of task.

 If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, might I suggest
that this would be an ideal job for annodex.... I think it's on
http://www.annodex.org/wiki/Main_Page or can be found from there.

 I mention it mainly because as I understand it, it is open source.


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