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Bruce Badger bbadger at openskills.com
Sun Apr 30 02:30:43 BST 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 16:25 +1000, lists at bespoke.homelinux.net wrote:

> I think you will also find there are no open source tools to
> generate suitable MacroMedia output formats. That starts an annoying
> chain of dependency.

I have come across some tools (vnc2swf is one).  I would prefer to avoid
SWF more because it's not an open standard ... but I do find the
argument that SWF will make the content available to more people quite
persuasive, though :-/

> Even a Web based slideshow with [NEXT] and [PREV] buttons would be OK.
> Is movement going to add to the clarity or quality of the presentation?

I think so.  It shows everything, not just the bits that I might think
are important when I make the video.  We already have the descriptions
in the wiki, which are quite comprehensive, for those who have the time
and inclination to deal with an abstraction.

This would all be so much easier if there was a good set of tools to
make an ogg theora screen-cast and if FireFox came with a theora viewer
built in.  But today, it really does seem to be the SWF player that is
everywhere.  Even the FSF is making one:


All the best,

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