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Wed Aug 9 00:33:51 BST 2006


On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 07:23 +1000, ashley maher wrote:

> I for one agree any organisation should hold regularly reviews of
> structure, to ensure aims and objectives are being implemented.


> It is also very important to review processes. Especially after a
> negative period.

Weell, yes, but what negative period are you referring too?  OpenSkills
is in the black financially, we have steady growth.  I see no negative,
it's all just rather sloooooow.

> However when I am advised OpenSkills can not do blah. (The conversation
> was private). Yet I know the action was in fact covered by standard
> meeting procedure, it serves as a warning emotion has crept into the debate.

As chairman of the board I would very much like to hear (privately if
you wish) what the specific point here is.  Feel free to post it to this
list if you can - I prefer open discussion.

> It is my view to claim a Board structure is broken is similar to suggest
> Democracy is broken.

I agree.  But who is saying the board structure is broken?  I'm saying
it's slow.  Others have pointed out that it's a more sophisticated
mechanism than we need as such a small organisation.  Nobody has
suggested it's broken as far as I know.

While the board does end up with good results, the process is very time
consuming indeed.  We have limited resources, and a great deal of those
resources are burned on running the level of administration normally
associated with larger organisations.  One significant result of this is
that progress is sloooooowwwww.

> However I also believe that a review is good. In fact the current
> negative period may be good for OpenSkills in the long run.

Again, I'd like to understand exactly what you mean by "negative
period".  I'm not aware of any change in the pace or the admin cost of
the committee/board since it was established.  Major issues have taken
simply ages to get resolved since we started, and that's precisely the
issue at hand here and I've been told many many times that OpenSkills
need to pick up the pace.

Ashley - we have lots of experience now of the cost of the
committee/board, and it's very high when measured in time and drag on
progress.  What alternative are you suggesting to improve the pace of
OpenSkills development?

All the best,
Make the most of your skills - with OpenSkills
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