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Mon Aug 27 05:35:59 BST 2007

Being out of work for the time being, and having a bit of time on
my hands to drink (eerrrr, to "think") I'm revisiting the openskills
list and seeing things pretty quiet. Here's a bit of an idea that
might add value to openskills and maybe give the members some tools
they might find useful:

Setup a database of URLs --

 * Each URL points to a place where there is a chance to find
   interesting job-related tipoffs.

 * URLs link to some sort of tagging system, for approx location
   and maybe industry segment (skills tree can handle this?)

 * Members can "vote" once for each URL if they think that URL
   leads to something useful and job-related.

 * The system randomly checks URLs to see if the contents have
   been updated so that recent changes can be found.

For example, many small and mid-size employers keep a "positions vacant"
section on their website. Here's a brief list from some of my searching:


It's pretty easy to find more, but each page only has maybe one or two
jobs listed and they might be stale (e.g. the listing is left up for
ages and they either already filled the position or are in no rush to
do so). If the careers page has substantially changed recently, that 
suggests hiring activity at that particular company or at least its worth
a look.

Since OS members are looking around anyhow, they can add URLs to the
database and also make use of the links that are already in the database.
It's a sort of cooperative search strategy...

	- Tel

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