[openskills-dev] Transition to the SkillsTree

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Mon Aug 27 05:17:46 BST 2007

On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 02:02:56AM +0000, Bruce Badger wrote:
> I would apreciate feedback on the following:
> Currently in the SkillsBase we have crude text fields that let people
> say where they are currently located and where they would like to work.
> The SkillsTree will replace these fields and will be searchable too.

May I suggest that with maps.google being so easily available,
anyone can figure out their GPS coord to at least the nearest minute
then provide an approx radius from there.

To this end, if we are going to start building a place-names database
into the skills tree then probably there should be space for lat/long
somewhere in the record. I might also add that some place-name databases
already exist... not sure what is available in the "free world" but I
can look into that. Probably at least a list of major world cities
wouldn't be too difficult to obtain.

	- Tel

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