[openskills-dev] Transition to the SkillsTree

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Tue Aug 28 08:19:21 BST 2007

On 28/08/07, Bruce Badger <bbadger at openskills.com> wrote:
> The location tree schema is now in production in the SkillsBase and is
> starting to grow.  Have a look here:
> http://skillsbase.openskills.org/Private/LocationTree
> There is a slot in the schema for a URL for each location.  At first I
> was thinking that we would put a Google Maps URI in there, but then it
> seemed to make more sense to put a Wikipedia link in there.

Yeah, that's the better option.

Wikipedia also has the geographical coordinates anyway, and links from
Wikipedia's coordinates go to a page which links to many other map systems.
So this way you get a lot more information from the URL.  Plus if you're the
sort who needs geographical coordinates for everything, you would probably
have Google Earth open anyway, or a GPS unit not far from reach.

The only things I would say are...

1. It's questionable that Internet is a sibling to Australia (if anything, I
would consider telecommuting to result in your location being where you
happen to live.)
2. The root of the tree might be called Earth, but I don't see many Martians
objecting so we can probably leave it be.

I need to put down a TODO to get on here later, and see what happens to the
structural information when I export to HR-XML. :-)

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