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Wed Aug 29 03:53:39 BST 2007

On Tue, Aug 28, 2007 at 05:19:21PM +1000, Daniel Noll wrote:
> Wikipedia also has the geographical coordinates anyway, and links from
> Wikipedia's coordinates go to a page which links to many other map systems.
> So this way you get a lot more information from the URL.  Plus if you're the
> sort who needs geographical coordinates for everything, you would probably
> have Google Earth open anyway, or a GPS unit not far from reach.

The idea of a geographic database is NOT to provide a means to discover
GPS coords of any particular place. The idea is to be able to use the GPS
coords as a search key and provide geometric search operations.
For example, sort results by distance from home, or group the results
around railway stations, bus depots, major roads, etc.

You can also do more in-depth studies like detecting clusters... suppose I
want to buy a house and want to add a weighting factor to the price I'm
willing to pay, based on proximity to nearby high-tech industry. Of course,
I'd go straight to North Ryde but I may want an algorithm to tell me the
obvious... I may also want to see the top 10 high-tech regions so I can
judge between them.

The current tree-system is basically a simple tag-matching keyword search
which is still good (I'm not trying to be discouraging) but I do want to
point out that there are many interesting search algorithms that go beyond
simple tag matching and while we are unlikely to implement them tomorrow or
next week, we do want to keep the future in mind.

On the subject, can we add Parramatta to the locations?


  Australia/Sydney/Greater West/Parramatta
  Australia/Sydney/Greater West/Penrith
  Australia/Sydney/Inner West/Burwood
  Australia/Sydney/South West/Campbelltown

The major transport design of sydney is spider-web shaped radiating
out of the CBD so it makes sense to sector it down approximately into
the same structure as the transport network. Consider looking at the
"Suburban Lines" here:


Keeping it grouped around the transport infrastructure will make the
tag-matching search approximately equate to a time-of-travel search.

	- Tel

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