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Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Wed Aug 29 04:24:16 BST 2007

On 29/08/2007, Telford <lists at bespoke.homelinux.net> wrote:
> The idea of a geographic database is NOT to provide a means to discover
> GPS coords of any particular place. The idea is to be able to use the GPS
> coords as a search key and provide geometric search operations.
> For example, sort results by distance from home, or group the results
> around railway stations, bus depots, major roads, etc.

To be able to use GPS coordinates as a search key, first you actually need
the coordinates.

All I was saying is that given a Wikipedia link, you can determine the
coordinates.  From that, you can do whatever you want.  And the amount of
actual information contained in the Wikipedia page is far greater than what
you might get from a Google Maps URL.

You can also do more in-depth studies like detecting clusters... suppose I
> want to buy a house and want to add a weighting factor to the price I'm
> willing to pay, based on proximity to nearby high-tech industry. Of
> course,
> I'd go straight to North Ryde but I may want an algorithm to tell me the
> obvious...

Personally, I would go for the CBD.  I was in North Ryde at one point and
ended up getting a job in the city, and the commute each way was extremely
awful, not helped at all by the lack of a train station near that suburb.
Or if budget is tight, I would probably go for somewhere that's at least on
a train line.

So indeed, for my own use, proximity to a train station or to a route for a
bus which happens to also pass my house, that is the most useful piece of
geographical information, along with how long the route will take.

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