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Bob Nemec bnemec at northwatercapital.com
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I agree with you on both points.  Support of the S-C should not rest on one person; I had always envisioned it being a community effort, with you as the central coordinator.  We had talked about the mechanics of making it work (a public StORE that you pick updates from, etc).  Let us know how you'd like to manage the code, and count me in.


As for the icons: that's the kind of stuff I would like STIC to spend money on.  As soon as Bob Cherniak gets the new STIC accounts set up, we'll set up the next budget, in which I will include money for some graphic artist work.  I'm also looking at getting some stuff done though work ... the extra cost from the marketing agency we use would be minimal.  We'd pay it as a sponsorship contribution to STIC.


I'll be at ESUG for the next week, so my email access may be spotty. 


Bob Nemec

Northwater Objects


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First, the to-do list is just getting longer and longer. Unless we can find somebody who is willing to get seriously involved in helping with development of the site application, then we need to be realistic about functionality and roll-out dates. 


Second, w.r.t. icons for news items à la slash-dot, personally, I would only implement this if we first have some high-quality icons.

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