[smalltalk-central] Mini-update

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Thu Sep 7 01:09:35 BST 2006


I've been reading all the news on ESUG coming across the blogs. It's great 
to be able to get these daily reports.

Maybe one of you who attended the conference could write up a news item 
after it's over, to give some quick highlights of the conference? (hint hint)

Meanwhile, I've done a small update of the S-C web application this week. 
There is now a separate page for changing passwords. No surprises, and no 
changes to your existing passwords.

Eric Winger has sent a request to join our list. Since he recently blogged 
about the spotty state of Smalltalk tutorials on the web, I've asked him if 
he might be interested in getting involved with that. I'll see what he's 
most interested in working on, and if there are no objections, add him to 
the list.

When I'm back from vacation, I'll put some cycles into making it easier for 
others to get involved in working on the S-C application itself. I have 
some architecture documents that I can push onto the site. Another idea 
would be to create a new section in which I write a series of short 
articles about how the site application was built, how the Shoji CMF works, 

Finally, I've been following a thread that concerns a scaling issue with 
OmniBase, the OODBMS used by Smalltalk-Central. It seems that once you 
start trying to manipulate 10,000+ objects inside a single transaction, 
everything slows down because of the implementation of Dictionary hashing. 
I don't think this can bite us, because the S-C app and the CMF never 
manipulate really huge graphs of objects. The CMF uses BTrees for storage 
of all Documents and Sections, and cross-linking is done using IDs, not 
direct pointers. Still, I am curious to understand the real operating 
limits of OmniBase, so I will investigate this further.



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