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Bob Nemec bnemec at northwatercapital.com
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www.Smalltalk-Central.com is the official web site.  
www.SmalltalkCentral.com is owned by Sean Glazier, who has graciously
agreed to redirect his web site to the office one.

I'm still working on www.whySmalltalk.com 

Bob Nemec
Northwater Objects

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ok. i see what's going on. somehow I've gotten crab.openskills.org 
assigned to my smalltalk-central alias in iMail. How utterly useful. 
....  hopefully this mail will go through.

On Sep 16, 2006, at 5:40 AM, David Buck wrote:

> I have the first draft of the video available on my web site.  
> Comments are welcome.
>    http://www.simberon.com/SmalltalkCentral/SmalltalkInIndustry.html
> David Buck

Hi David,

Looks good. Some comments,

* Should you use the smalltalkcentral.com link (sans dash) on the front
page? Is that the "official" link?

* I think it would be better to separate each companies' software
application by a shot of the company's logo with an email to the web
site and/or display the company logo & email in the corner while you're
reviewing the application. This would help keep it obvious whose
software is being displayed.


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