[smalltalk-central] Smalltalk In Industry video

David Buck david at simberon.com
Mon Sep 18 18:21:10 BST 2006

Eric Winger wrote:

> Hi David,
> Looks good. Some comments,
> * Should you use the smalltalkcentral.com link (sans dash) on the front
> page? Is that the "official" link?

As Bob said, the official site name is smalltalk-central.com.

> * I think it would be better to separate each companies' software
> application by a shot of the company's logo with an email to the web
> site and/or display the company logo & email in the corner while you're
> reviewing the application. This would help keep it obvious whose
> software is being displayed.

I like that idea.  For each company, I'll put up a screen with the 
company name, logo and URL before jumping into screen snapshots.


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