[smalltalk-central] squeak documentation project

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Fri Sep 22 03:22:25 BST 2006

At 03:19 AM 9/22/2006, Eric Winger wrote:
>There's some talk on the squeak-ann list about organizing the squeak docs. 
>I mentioned that smalltalk-central is working toward a similar aim 
>concerning all flavors of smalltalk. Any thoughts from anyone here?

A few thoughts:

First, as I've been building up the current tutorials page, my sense is 
that about 95% of the stuff currently available on the web is unusable. 
There's a lot of out-of-date, poorly-written and amateurish junk that 
should eventually be yanked from the net. We can't do that, of course, but 
we can avoid linking to stuff that we know is unusable.

So, the first step is to take stock of what's out there, rate it, and 
separate the wheat from the chaff. I've started this on the tutorials page. 
A lot more work is needed.

There are many pages that are no longer useful, but they include content 
that we might plagiarize. Ultimately, we should dump the links to tutorials 
that we don't feel are up to snuff. It may be tempting to keep these links 
around to create some sense of "bulk" but really it's just going to waste 
somebody else's time as they slog through page after page looking for 
something useful. The last thing we need are more link farms.

W.r.t. the Squeak Documentation Project: what are their requirements, 
exactly? I looked at their project page. There are a lot of good ideas but 
it seems only quasi-active. Also, do they want to deliver everything on a 
Wiki? Smalltalk-Central is not a Wiki.

I'll add a more thoughts about this in a subsequent message.


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