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Here's my new script for the Smalltalk in Industry video.  I'm starting 
to record the new audio tonight.  Comments are welcome.

David Buck

Software development is hard. Your software development tools should 
make it easier to develop applications, not harder.  More and more 
projects are discovering that Smalltalk is the best answer to the 
growing menace of software complexity. The language itself is extremely 
simple but amazingly powerful. Its runtime performance usually rivals or 
exceeds Java or C++. Moreover, the strength of its development 
environment rises above anything else available in the industry.  In 
this video, I'd like to show how Smalltalk is being used by many 
companies to simplify and solve their business problems.

    <>Smalltalk has already proven to be successful in many different
    industry sectors including telecommunications, financial services,
    manufacturing, insurance, health care, logistics and Internet
    applications.  This video can only show a small handful of the many
    Smalltalk applications in production today. 

In the Financial Services sector, Deep Cove Labs developed Raven. Raven 
automates bulk cheque clearing and electronic fund transfers. Using 
Raven, banks and other financial institutions can alleviate a huge 
amount of manual processing that would otherwise be required to process 
many financial transactions. Raven is built in VisualWorks Smalltalk and 
uses both a client application as well as a web interface based on Seaside.

      <>Deep Cove Labs also developed Cate exclusively for Accu-Rate
    Corporation.  Cate manages the process of foreign exchange sales by
    downloading the current exchange rates, applying buy and sell
    spreads, calculating the converted amounts for the tellers and
    printing receipts.


Another financial application has been developed by Northwater Capital. 
Northwater offers low-cost market exposure (beta) through a variety of 
synthetic investment products and delivers high-quality, diversified 
alpha through its market-neutral fund of hedge funds.  NewBlox II, a VA 
Smalltalk and GemStone/S based application, is used to manage the hedge 
fund analysis, portfolio management and trade workflow.


Also in the financial services sector, SCG Associates developed 
TradePerformance. TradePerformance is a trade accounting, performance 
analysis and risk management tool for securities traders written in 
Dolphin Smalltalk.  It first shipped in January 2002 and is currently 
used by independent traders, investment advisors and small hedge funds.


Forest Investment Management has developed a comprehensive 
Portfolio/Risk Analysis system for managing its funds using VisualWorks. 
Its functionality surpasses most other systems in this market.


One company using Smalltalk in the manufacturing sector is Oerlikon, 
formerly Unaxis. Oerlikon uses VisualWorks Smalltalk to control the 
equipment used to manufacture silicon wafers for many semiconductor 
manufacturers. In fact, virtually all silicon manufacturing is 
controlled in whole or in part by systems running Smalltalk.


Smalltalk is also used in mineral processing. KnowledgeScape developed 
an Expert System shell using VisualWorks Smalltalk. The application, 
which is also called KnowledgeScape, is used for supervisory control 
systems in mineral processing plants around the world. 


KnowledgeScape also developed an image analysis system called 
PlantVision. Written in Smalltalk MT, PlantVision is used for coarse 
particle size analysis on feed conveyors and for measuring froth 
velocity and bubble size on flotation machines in mineral processing plants.


In the Internet Applications sector, we have BottomFeeder by James 
Robertson.  Bottom Feeder is a popular freeware multi-platform news 
aggregator client written in VisualWorks Smalltalk. BottomFeeder can run 
on many different platforms and includes an updating mechanism to fetch 
and load updates to the software.


Also in the Internet Applications sector, we have Arsol. Arsol used 
Squeak to develop Promoter. Promoter allows users to automate the task 
of promoting their company's web site or to assist professional 
webmasters in the positioning of multiple web sites of different customers.


Another Arsol product is A1. A1 is a business content management system 
specially developed to handle businesses such as real estate, car 
agencies, tourism agencies, agricultural machinery, etc.  The current 
version allows you to create an online catalog that may be managed 
directly by the owner of the site from his own office.


Finally, Arsol developed ClavecPC which allows you to Store your 
passwords and personal data in encrypted form to avoid unauthorized 
access. With the raipd growth of online services, people need to 
remember dozens of passwords and user data. With ClavecPC you can store 
all this important data in encrypted files protected by only one password.


Soops has developed Smalltalk applications for many different sectors. 
In the logistics sector, they developed software for BigLift. BigLift is 
a company that ships large and heavy cargo anywhere in the world.  The 
Soops application matches shipping, ports and routes events for any 
possible cargo.


This is just a handful of the commercial Smalltalk applications in 
operation today. Smalltalk is being used in mission critical 
applications in a wide variety of domains. In fact, most companies using 
Smalltalk see it as a strategic advantage over their competitors.


This video is the first in a series that will explore Smalltalk and 
introduce you to the power, the simplicity and the openness of a truly 
revolutionary programming environment.

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