[smalltalk-central] Task list

David Buck david at simberon.com
Tue Sep 26 03:20:30 BST 2006

Mark D. Roberts wrote:

> (5) Screencasts
> David is working on this. It would be good if we could document his 
> process so that others could easily make screencasts if they wish. 
> Perhaps we could make some templates for the title page, and then all 
> the screencasts would have a uniform style.

If we are going to get others to create screencasts and have a 
consistent style, we'll have to choose a different toolset.  Currently 
I'm using Camtasia to capture the screen activity and to assemble the 
components.  For the slide titles, I'm using Adobe Photoshop because it 
does such a nice job with gradient backgrounds, text, scaled images and 
drop shadows.

Camtasia costs about $300.  Adobe Photoshop costs $650 US.  This is too 
heavy a price tag for people to use to develop screencasts.

We could switch back to Wink, but I found the audio quality horrible. 
Cursor movement in Wink is also a bit funky. Finally, you can't have 
audio playing while the movie is animating. The audio has to be 
associated to a single frame.  The effect is that you hear talking, then 
things happen then everything freezes and you hear more talking.  It's a 
very strange effect.

Adobe is really overkill for just rendering text, but Camtasia is nice.

David Buck

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