[smalltalk-central] Task list

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Tue Sep 26 04:30:50 BST 2006

At 11:20 AM 9/26/2006, David Buck wrote:
>Mark D. Roberts wrote:
>>(5) Screencasts
>>David is working on this. It would be good if we could document his 
>>process so that others could easily make screencasts if they wish. 
>>Perhaps we could make some templates for the title page, and then all the 
>>screencasts would have a uniform style.
>If we are going to get others to create screencasts and have a consistent 
>style, we'll have to choose a different toolset.  Currently I'm using 
>Camtasia to capture the screen activity and to assemble the 
>components.  For the slide titles, I'm using Adobe Photoshop because it 
>does such a nice job with gradient backgrounds, text, scaled images and 
>drop shadows.
>Camtasia costs about $300.  Adobe Photoshop costs $650 US.  This is too 
>heavy a price tag for people to use to develop screencasts.
>We could switch back to Wink, but I found the audio quality horrible. 
>Cursor movement in Wink is also a bit funky. Finally, you can't have audio 
>playing while the movie is animating. The audio has to be associated to a 
>single frame.  The effect is that you hear talking, then things happen 
>then everything freezes and you hear more talking.  It's a very strange effect.
>Adobe is really overkill for just rendering text, but Camtasia is nice.

OK, Wink sounds totally inadequate, so that's out.

I would assume that many people have access to Photoshop, and so the only 
expenditure would be Camtasia. Three hundred bucks is a bit steep for a 
video-capture application, but not totally out of the question. Another 
possibility would be a division of labor wherein one person writes the 
script, does all the titles and gathers the still images, prepares them 
using Photoshop, etc., and then another person who has Camtasia actually 
does the final montage and voice-over (I'm not trying to nominate you, 
David, but just thinking out loud about other solutions). Is it possible to 
import video sequences into Camtasia, or just stills? Is there some 
facility for doing montage?

For the video itself, I have a few comments, but I'll send them in a 
separate mail.



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