[smalltalk-central] Some thoughts about new tutorials

Bob Nemec bnemec at northwatercapital.com
Tue Sep 26 13:36:28 BST 2006

>>I started to make a list of tutorials, then I got bogged down thinking

>>about how to do this. The biggest problem is, what to do about the
>>specificness of each smalltalk. Do we have the same tutorial basically

>>rewritten for each tutorial in the same format?

>I think the only way to do it is to have separate tutorials for each
>of Smalltalk. There are just too many differences to try and have one 
>document and ask readers to keep skipping over "variant sections".
>now, I's say we can boil down the main versions to VisualWorks, Squeak,
>Dolphin. I'm not going to worry about the other Smalltalks. If somebody

>wants to adapt one of the tutorials another dialect, fine, but I don't
>that we can tackle all of them. We barely have the resources to do one.

I'll do what I can to keep VA and GS tutorials available.  Both vendors
are very active members of the STIC board and both dialects are probably
in wider use then is perceived.  VA was adopted in a lot of large
corporate shops, which tend not to participate in public forums (I
remember my old EDS days that way).

Bob Nemec

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