FW: [smalltalk-central] Smalltalk-Central web application

Bob Nemec bnemec at northwatercapital.com
Tue Sep 26 13:54:06 BST 2006

I'm looking forward to participating in the app itself.  Right now, I'm
working on implementing web services for our VA / GS app.  It works well
enough, but I have a lot to learn.  Seeing how other apps hook into the
whole web thing is interesting.

I'm started looking a MijnGeld from Rob Vens.  He's decided to use
code.google.com to track bugs and he's hosting his own StORE for the
code management.  Mark, would you consider something similar?  We could
use the Google subversion repository for the non-VW files.

FWIW: Mark sent me a zip of the app in the summer.  I got it working,
but Mark was just too quick with updates for me to keep up ;-)

Bob Nemec
Northwater Objects

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As promised, I have put some documentation on the Smalltalk-Central web 
application on line. This is a first step to make it possible to get
involved in development of the site app itself.


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