[smalltalk-central] Task list

David Buck david at simberon.com
Tue Sep 26 19:49:48 BST 2006

I agree that we should keep VA Smalltalk in our list of Smalltalks in 
our screencasts and tutorials.  I think the list should be:

    VA Smalltalk

If we remove the need for audio, then Wink can work fine so long as you 
show the steps. If you select an item from the menu, show the menu, then 
show the cursor over the item.  I'm seeing complaints about James' 
screencasts that things seem to just pop up or mysteriously change 
without explanation.

I understand your point about audio and I'm open to going either way 
with it.  I feel that I can say more with audio than with text popup 
boxes.  I don't think people like reading a lot of text. Audio makes you 
feel like there's a real person there.

On the other hand, audio ties you to the computer at the speed of the 
audio.  You can't pause it and come back to it later as easily as with 
text popups.  It also makes the file sizes huge and restricts the 
computers you can use to view the material.  I also find that watching 
screencasts with audio tends to put me to sleep - maybe that's just me.

How do others feel about audio?


Bob Nemec wrote:

>I'd like to produce some parallel screencasts for VA.  The audio issue
>with Wink is an interesting one: as I mentioned before, none of the
>computers in this company have speakers.  And, I suspect, most office
>computers don't.  I've done some sample Wink screencasts for our
>in-house Wiki help, with no audio.  
>David, if you remove the need for audio, do you think Wink is good
>enough?  Personally, I like the slide based edits.  And it looks like
>James Robertson is going nuts with daily Wink screencasts.  
>Bob Nemec
>Northwater Objects

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