[smalltalk-central] Task list

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Tue Sep 26 23:35:52 BST 2006

At 03:49 AM 9/27/2006, David Buck wrote:
>How do others feel about audio?

I think it's essential.

Without audio, either we have to use a bunch of text captions to signpost 
everything that's happening, or else we are expecting that the spectators 
are going to be paying very close attention to every little detail that 
appears on the screen.

Text captions to signpost everything will slow down the pace of narration 
and make the screen cast feel like watching an early silent film. And I 
think it's a mistake to assume that the spectator is watching everything 
closely, actually reading the names of the menu items, etc. Most viewers 
are going to watch this sort of thing in a state of distraction. Probably, 
they are watching a screen cast because they want to see and hear, not read 
and imagine. The narration is there to make it easier for them, to reduce 
the burden of focusing the attention on tiny details like menu names. We 
should assume that the spectators are not going to want to make a lot of 
effort following such details.

If the technology can't produce decent audio, then it just seems like a 
waste of time. My rule of thumb for all of this is that "good enough" 
simply isn't. It has to be REALLY good.


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