[smalltalk-central] Some thoughts about new tutorials

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Wed Sep 27 04:22:43 BST 2006

At 12:05 PM 9/27/2006, Eric Winger wrote:
>I like Bruce's idea. This seems like a rather lengthy tutorial for a 
>beginner. Perhaps we can chunk this down into some manageable pieces?
>Beginner tutorial (install and features)
>Introduce OO using the photo library as a rough guide
>Photo Library tutorial part I - build the models
>Photo Library tutorial part II - build the gui
>Photo Library tutorial part II - put on the web interface (seaside?)
>Photo Library tutorial part IV - store in GemStone.

Yes, I thought longish too, and so smaller pieces are needed.

The GUI part could get complicated. The interface design needs to strike 
some compromise between completeness and ease of construction.

For the database part, I would opt for OmniBase and Glorp, in that order. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but GemStone is a really high-end solution. I 
looked at it once as a backing store for Smalltalk-Central and quickly gave 
up. And the price tag is totally absurd for anybody considering a small 
commercial project.

It would be good if the tutorial yielded some code that developers could 
actually use when building their own applications. Like, they could use 
what they learned about building a web app or using a database, and not 
need to start over again. If you show somebody GemStone in a tutorial and 
then for their first "real" project they want to build a commercial app 
using a database, well, they've got to just start all over again.


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