[smalltalk-central] Some thoughts about new tutorials

Eric Winger eric at thewingers.net
Wed Sep 27 05:02:27 BST 2006

On Sep 26, 2006, at 8:22 PM, Mark D. Roberts wrote:

> At 12:05 PM 9/27/2006, Eric Winger wrote:
>> I like Bruce's idea. This seems like a rather lengthy tutorial for a 
>> beginner. Perhaps we can chunk this down into some manageable pieces?
>> Beginner tutorial (install and features)
>> Introduce OO using the photo library as a rough guide
>> Photo Library tutorial part I - build the models
>> Photo Library tutorial part II - build the gui
>> Photo Library tutorial part II - put on the web interface (seaside?)
>> Photo Library tutorial part IV - store in GemStone.
> Yes, I thought longish too, and so smaller pieces are needed.
> The GUI part could get complicated. The interface design needs to 
> strike some compromise between completeness and ease of construction.
> For the database part, I would opt for OmniBase and Glorp, in that 
> order. Correct me if I'm wrong, but GemStone is a really high-end 
> solution. I looked at it once as a backing store for Smalltalk-Central 
> and quickly gave up. And the price tag is totally absurd for anybody 
> considering a small commercial project.
> It would be good if the tutorial yielded some code that developers 
> could actually use when building their own applications. Like, they 
> could use what they learned about building a web app or using a 
> database, and not need to start over again. If you show somebody 
> GemStone in a tutorial and then for their first "real" project they 
> want to build a commercial app using a database, well, they've got to 
> just start all over again.

Well, I have a vested interest in GemStone. :) But you're probably 
right. And GemStone has a usable tutorial for their product already. We 
can figure out the persistance, if we want later.

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