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Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Thu Sep 28 14:25:54 BST 2006

At 09:14 PM 9/28/2006, Bob Nemec wrote:
>I’m wondering what y’all think about the style of posting on S-C.  I’ve 
>tried to wrap each posting in a bit of commentary, similar to how James 
>adds his take on content links.  Mark’s postings are more straight 
>forward, with a title, short description and a link.
>Which is better?  Should we be adding editorial content, or just the 
>facts?  Personally, I find the comments on sites like slash-dot useful
>and maybe a variety of styles would make the site more interesting.

My postings have just been mostly about events. I guess I just haven't felt 
inspired enough this past month to be much more ambitious about writing 
such things. So, don't take these laconic postings as a general indication 
of how I think the front page should look. I agree that the slash-dot style 
comments are useful and we should aspire to something more like that. All 
of my time for S-C is going into the web application right now. Today, I 
spent a few hours fixing some pages for the syndicator and converting more 
pages to use Ajax.

>  Either way, I’d like to see more content.  Are we ready to start asking 
> for community submissions?  That could get busy; hopefully there are 
> enough active editors to not overwhelm anyone.

How about the task list? Are there no takers, then?

I don't feel that the site is quite ready for general community 
submissions. The workflow mechanism needs some more tweaking. Originally, 
it passed everything to the "editor" for triage. Later, I realized that it 
would be better if each editor could just grab something out of submissions 
and put it into workflow himself. This is not a big change but it still 
needs to be done. Maybe another week or so of work and then we should test it.

I would also like to have a brief discussion about the editorial process. I 
would like all submissions to be reviewed, and we should probably say a few 
words about what we think a review entails. It's not very involved but I 
think it would be good to at least discuss it. Does that sound reasonable?


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