[smalltalk-central] New version of Smalltalk In Industry video

Eric Winger eric at thewingers.net
Thu Sep 28 16:59:07 BST 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 7:55 AM, David Buck wrote:

> Mark D. Roberts wrote:
>> At 09:13 PM 9/28/2006, David Buck wrote:
>>> A solid background would be ok or we could increase the JPEG quality 
>>> and increase the file size.
>> A solid background might go a long way to eliminate the artifacts 
>> without boosting the file size.
>> My general feeling about this is to try and aim for something that 
>> looks like the beginning of a film, not the beginning of a PowerPoint 
>> presentation. I.e., use of black, white, and off colors instead of 
>> primaries (saturated R, G, or B) and a stark, simple design. Text 
>> effects like shadows and 2-1/2 D effects should be used sparingly.
>> In any event, these are just ideas. The judgment call is yours.
>> Thanks,
>> M
> Ok, how about this style:
>    http://simberon.com/SmalltalkInIndustry3.jpg
> David

Looks good. I like it. Although your spacing under above the 
smalltalk-central.com link looks a might off. Could I get anymore 
nit-picky? :)

As an aside, i know this is a volunteer group, with a budget of $0, but 
would it be worth a little money to hire a real graphic artist to give 
us some sort of standard "template" in the documents that are going on 
the site? Tutorials, papers, screen cast intros like what David's 
working on.  etc.

We might be able to save ourselves some time and effort over "look and 
feel" if we do.


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