[smalltalk-central] New version of Smalltalk In Industry video

David Buck david at simberon.com
Thu Sep 28 19:05:51 BST 2006

Eric Winger wrote:

> As an aside, i know this is a volunteer group, with a budget of $0, 
> but would it be worth a little money to hire a real graphic artist to 
> give us some sort of standard "template" in the documents that are 
> going on the site? Tutorials, papers, screen cast intros like what 
> David's working on.  etc.
> We might be able to save ourselves some time and effort over "look and 
> feel" if we do.
> Eric

That call is really up to Bob.  I'd suggest that we don't hold back on 
producing content just because we don't have a standard template.  We 
can always adjust the material later to include the template if and when 
we get one.


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