[smalltalk-central] New version of Smalltalk In Industry video

David Buck david at simberon.com
Fri Sep 29 02:55:12 BST 2006

Mark D. Roberts wrote:

> I like that better, too.
> One other point: what would you think of cropping each screen shot to 
> eliminate the host OS window frame?
> I suggest this for several reasons: it ties Smalltalk less to one 
> platform (Windows), it will make the image last longer because it 
> won't look outdated when the next version of Windows comes out with 
> new L+F (and naturally we're all holding our breath for that ;-), and 
> finally, it eliminates that horrid "candy" Windows XP look.

My answer is no for several reasons:

    1) Any video sections would have to be totally re-recorded.  If I do 
so the video will be longer or shorter than the original and I'd have to 
re-synchronize all the audio.
    2) Some of the snapshots sent to me show two windows one on top of 
the other.  I can't just crop in this case.
    3) Windows look unnatural without a title bar
    4) Nobody else shows screen snapshots without title bars
    5) In upcoming screencasts, I don't intend to constantly crop to 
eliminate the title bars.  If we did it here it would be inconsistent
    6) The title bars show icons which many contributers would want to show
    7) When this video becomes out of date, it would be better to record 
a whole new video with new applications anyway
    8) I've spent enough time on this already  :-)


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