[smalltalk-central] Some thoughts about new tutorials

David Buck david at simberon.com
Fri Sep 29 03:46:03 BST 2006

Before we start building models, gui's. web interfaces, etc. I think we 
need to introduce people to the basic Smalltalk syntax and language.  I 
was planning to do this in a series of screencasts.  Unfortunately, I 
can't figure out how to do this effectively without making it dialect 
specific.  He's what I'm thinking.

    1) Smalltalk In Industry video
    2) Why Smalltalk?  - a video showing the power and flexibility of 
Smalltalk - why should you use Smalltalk
    3) Choose your Smalltalk
       - A video with a decision tree for choosing a Smalltalk
       - Shows where to get the chosen version of Smalltalk
       - This may be contraversal
    4) Setting up (dialect specific)
       - How to setup the chosen environment
       - Recommended add-ons to load
       - Saving the image
    5) Starting with Smalltalk (dialect specific)
       - Basic Smalltalk syntax
       - Literals, messages, cascades, self, super
    6) Smalltalk libraries (dialect specific)
       - Basic objects, numbers, booleans, blocks, collections and streams

 From there, the tutorials you describe would be good next-steps.


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