[smalltalk-central] Getting indexed in Google

Mark D. Roberts mroberts at cincom.com
Sat Sep 30 01:16:23 BST 2006

At 03:19 AM 9/30/2006, Alan Knight wrote:
>I think this would be the google co-op thing described in the linked article.

Interesting. This explains how to place content even *above* the first 
search result from Google. Unfortunately, it looks like people must 
subscribe to see it.

But starting from this article, I snooped around and found the answer to my 
question. The subheadings are neither "topics" nor "annotated URLs" but 
rather something that Goog calls "sitelinks":


There is apparently no way to edit or suggest these links via co-op, 
sitemap, or other Goog services. As the tag line goes: "Heyyy, it's all 
algorithmic, baby."


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