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Eric Winger eric at thewingers.net
Sat Sep 30 16:47:16 BST 2006

Ok, I made my first attempt at editing. I added GemStone/S, Ambrai, 
FScript, Smalltalk MT and VA Smalltalk links and overviews to the 
Dialects page. Please feel free to change any or all of the text. 
Should these be alphabetized?

Some comments about editing:

1. There is no way (that I could find) to recover history. I made my 
edits, but I was afraid that if I accidentally deleted something, it 
would be gone forever. Seems like we need a history of changes easily 

2. Pressing Edit more than once does nothing. The page looks I can edit 
multiple times, but does not allow it.

3. It would be nice to have a way to enter non-html code. It was easy 
enough to copy paste the existing entries, but editing something large 
would be non-trivial.

My 2 cents


On Sep 29, 2006, at 5:03 PM, Mark D. Roberts wrote:

>  Here's a brief run-down on some common editorial tasks:
> How do I edit an existing document?
>   * Log In
>         Note: you must belong to the "Editors" group to edit public 
> documents.
>    * View the document you wish to edit
>    * Click on Edit, below the body of the document content
>         This will allow you to edit all fields, except the title.
>         The content is the body of the document. This should be 
> formatted HTML, with each paragraph inside <p></p>.
>         The summary and content are required. All other fields are 
> optional.
>    * Click Submit
>         The document is immediately updated.

I think you meant Edit?

> How do I publish News Items or Events?
> A news items is a document in the "News" section of the database and 
> an Event is in the "Events" section. Note that one document may be in 
> both sections.
> To publish:
>    * Log In
>         Note: you must belong to the "Editors" group to publish in 
> News or Events.
>    * Click on Create News Item in the center column
>         Now, fill out the form.
>         The title should be descriptive and unique.
>         The summary should be a plain text string. It may contain 
> hyperlinks.
>         The content is the body of the document. This should be 
> formatted HTML, with each paragraph inside <p></p>.
>         The rest of the fields are optional.
>          Source, if present, must be a full URL ( 
> http://myServer.com/something). If you provide a source, the title of 
> the news item will link directly to that URL.
>         The Start Date, End Date, and Removal Date are for events. If 
> you add Start and End, then the item is considered an event and also 
> added to the list of Events.
>         If the event is a single day, just use the same day for both 
> Start and End.
>         The date format should be like "7 Oct 2006".
>         The Removal Date is optional, but this allows you to keep the 
> event posted for some amount of time after it is over.
>   * Click Submit
>         Last step -- you're done.
>  For events, the next time you log in to Smalltalk-Central, you should 
> see your new event in the right-hand column. Events are only 
> summarized once when you begin a session or log in.
>  Note: in the current layout, there is not a lot of horizontal space 
> for the event name, so it's best to keep the title concise.
> How do I publish an RSS item as News?
> Smalltalk-Central has an RSS aggregator, and makes it simple to 
> publish incoming RSS items as News.
>    * Log In
>         Note: you must belong to the "Editors" group to publish news 
> items.
>    * Click on Feeds in the left-hand column, in the Content section
>         This displays the Community Feeds section, everything that has 
> been recently gathered by the RSS aggregator
>         Following each item that has not yet been published as news, 
> you'll see a link: [Publish as News]
>   * Click on Publish as News
>         This will allow you to edit the summary that appears on the 
> News page
>    * Click Submit
>         The last step -- you're done.
>  Cheers,
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